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   Brian Gaskill joined the cast of Port Charles as Rafe Kovich, cousin to Lucy Coe.  Rafe was a vampire slayer who died all to young, by the hands of Caleb Morley. Therefore he never got the chance to experience many of life's pleasures. Now he lives on in eternity as an angel whose heart has been stolen by Alison Barrington, the one and only true love of his life.  She is his first and last love.  They have an affair with heavenly complications. 
  Rafe would do anything for Alison, even sell his soul to the devil just to be with her, and that is exactly what he did.  Their love is so strong that he got another chance at life.  He has been to heaven and back and hell and back and would do it again if he had to.  Rafe would raise hell and lower heaven for Alison.  Their love is so unconditional and unselfish that no one could ever come between them. What they feel for each other is so strong.   They have been tested over and over and never failed.  It's like a love in a fairytale.  They are truly soulmates.